The Vice President He Chuan Led to Survey the Library

date:2019-01-02 | user: | click:11313
June 12th, the vice president He Chuan surveyed the library and called for a symposium, the Rescores and Laboratory Office, Division for Development of Liberal Arts, Dean’s Office, Graduate School, Office of Scientific Research and Development, Logistics and Capital Construction Office attended this symposium, which is hosted by Zhang Dongfu, Secretary of CPC General Branch of the Library. The Curator, Gao Fan, made a presentation named “Creating a Reader Centralized Service System with Human Being Based Creatiion ” .
All participants spoke highly about what have been done in the library these years, and vice president He Chuan made a demand for what will be done in the library in the near future.
After the symposium, all participants visited the study room for postgraduate candidates, service hall and symposium room for teachers and students.